Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Answers For ACT Reading Practice

If you are my English 92 students in Professor Maltzman's class, below are the answers to the practice reading. As you know by now, do not check the answers on your own. Have someone else check your answers. They should put an X next to your wrong answer choices and put a check mark next to your correct answer choices. When they give you back your test, you should re-read the reading and try again. (Make sure you know the main point of the article in addition to all the other important points in the reading.

If you are not my student, feel free to email me at for an ACT Reading Practice Test.

Answers for "Session#13 Packet#21"

1.B, 2.E, 3.C, 4.C, 5.D, 6.D, 7.A, 8.A, 9.B, 10.A, 11.E, 12.A, 13.A, 14.D,
15.D, 16.B, 17.C, 18.B, 19.C, 20.A, 21.B, 22.E, 23.B, 24.C, 25.D, 26.C,
27.E, 28.A

Answers for "24 Question Test 2"
1.B, 2.D, 3.E, 4.D, 5.D, 6.A, 7.D, 8.A, 9.G, 10.C, 11.F, 12.A, 13.F, 14.C,
15.J, 16.B, 17.F, 18.C, 19.A, 20.C, 21.C, 22.D, 23.C, 24.B

Answers for "Packet #10"
1.A, 2.H, 3.B, 4.G, 5.B, 6.J, 7.C, 8.F, 9.D, 10.G, 11.B, 12.J, 13.C, 14.J, 15.B, 16.J, 17.A, 18.F, 19.D, 20.H, 21.B, 22.J, 23.A, 24.H, 25.D, 26.H, 27.A, 28.J, 29.A, 30.J, 31.D, 32.G, 33.A, 34.G, 35.A, 36.J, 37.A, 38.H, 39.A, 40.H

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