Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Man Delivers Three Baby Sharks from Dead Mother

Freewriting Exercise

1. In one paragraph, describe what happened in this video.

2. In one or more paragraphs, write your thoughts and/or communicate your emotions in response to this video.

If you cannot think of enough (or anything) to write, consider the following questions to help you (or to stimulate your thoughts) to write your paragraph(s):  Why was it a good thing for this man to voluntarily deliver the babies of this dead shark?  Explain.  What would happen to the babies if he didn't do this?  Explain.  Do you think all three babies will survive after being released into the ocean or do you think this man's efforts are wasted?  Explain.  Did the man do a good job of delivering the babies?  Explain.  How did you think this man recognized the dead shark was pregnant?  What do you think is the educational background and working background of this man, from what you observed and surmised from this video?  Explain from the "evidence" in this video how you came to your speculation.  In your paragraph(s), respond to any of these questions and explain.

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