Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Important Information for English 92 Students

To Kingsborough Students,

If you are taking English 92, your professor may require you to sign up for an Eng 92 Workshop (a supplemental weekly workshop to the class) which benefits you anyway in increasing your chances of passing the CATW and the ACT Reading Exam.  Go to L219 to sign up for this workshop.  (If you got a CATW score below 50 and/or an ACT Reading score below 65, your professor may require you to take this Eng 92 workshop at L219.)

For the reading, you will be given a certificate of half-way completion after 5 workshops, and another certificate of completion after the next 5 workshops.  For the writing, you will be given a certificate of completion after attending 10 workshops.  Your professor may require you to show him/her these certificates.

Note that these certificates of workshop completion are completely different from the letters your professor will provide you at the end of the semester to be eligible to take the CATW and ACT Reading exams.  Your professor will only give you that letter if you've done everything you are required to do for English 92 according to your professor's guidelines (which include English department guidelines.)

The new English 92 workshops in L219 will improve your reading and writing to increase your chances of doing well in the exams (like the CATW, ACT Reading, and departmntal exams) and it will also improve your reading and writing skills for future English classes and other subject classes (most of them requiring lots of reading and writing.)

Also, these workshops will not count against your credit hours for financial aid.  So, they are completely free.  Again, you may sign up for them in L219.  

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Am Back

I'm back. I've been out, or away from campus, for the last three months due to a broken foot and dislocated toe. Although I am not 100% yet, I am well enough to be back at the Kingsborough campus working with students. There are a lot of changes this Spring Semester at the Reading and Writing Center, especially for English 92. I will be posting them here. Feel free to subscribe or "like" if you want to be updated when I post the information.

The changes seem experimental and are making things interesting.  There's potentiality in providing better help to students and helping more students.