Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Free CATW Workshops

Those of you who have not yet passed the CATW already know that you cannot go on to take many of your classes until you pass this exam.  You also already know that the longer you go on not passing it, the more tuition money and financial aid you would be using up (not to mention time).

We want to help you. FREE CATW Workshops are now available at L219. You may still sign up for them.  Sign up before it’s too late. 

These workshops are small group workshops of two to three students. Therefore, you will receive more individual attention than you do in your English class.

For now, only Shu's workshops are endorsed here as he is the only one in L219 who incorporates the SpirFit educational approach.  On this website, I cannot endorse other workshop instructors unless they are trained in the SpirFit educational approach.

This approach effectively addresses your individual needs, whatever your English level.  Although students in the same workshop may be at very different levels and have different needs, the SpirFit educational approach is able to effectively address each student's needs by incorporating innovative educational methods of recent years brought about by game changers from Silicon Valley, MIT, and Harvard.  In addition, the SpirFit educational approach includes pedagogy or teaching methodology encouraged by the English department, CAWS, CUNY Start, and others.  The SpirFit teaching approach also includes unconventional methods from other fields and methods supported by science.

Current KCC students this semester, KCC Continuing Education students, CLIP students, and CUNY Start students are all eligible for these FREE workshops at L219.  If you were enrolled in the regular Spring semester but not in the summer semester, you are still eligible for these workshops. Since you have already paid for these workshops with your tuition, why not make use of them! 

If you are not a student at KCC, but you need help with the CATW exam, email me at healthsciencewriter@gmail.com and I'll see what I can do.
Shu's Workshops
Sign-up Location:  L219 at Kingsborough Community College

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Monday, June 20, 2016

$1000 for Students Every Year

They have this $1000 scholarship every year, and they don't look at your grades or GPA.  This is the CUNY Thomas Tam scholarship.  All CUNY undergraduate students are eligible (Asian or non-Asian).  This scholarship is completely based on a project you may be working on anyway for one of your upcoming classes (or in your job/internship or fellowship.)  One requirement is that your project is related to Asian concerns.  It could be relevant to health, social issues, economic issues, or other concerns in the Asian communities.  If you have already completed a project (whether it is a research paper for a class, a media project, an art work, or any other form of project), I encourage you to apply for this year's Thomas Tam Scholarship (due June 30th).

If you haven't completed any project related to Asian issues, you should plan to do one for next year's scholarship deadline.  (Again, they have been offering this scholarship every year.)  Most likely, you will be doing projects and research papers for at least one of your classes anyway (whether it is health, psychology, sociology, economics, or journalism).  If you can gear it toward an Asian issue, then you would be able to also submit it for next year's Thomas Tam scholarship.  This is what they call "killing two birds with one stone."

Also, your chances are pretty good because it seems like not many student know about this scholarship; not many students apply for this scholarship.

Feel free to contact me at healthsciencewriter@gmail.com if you need help planning for this and for free proofreading service.  (However, I will not write your paper or do your project for you.)  Here are the scholarship information and application:




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