Sunday, June 28, 2015

Free Software for CUNY Students and Employees

If you are an employee or a student at any of the 23 CUNY campuses, you are eligible to legitimately download software (such as Microsoft, McAffee, and Maplesoft products) for free from CUNY eMall.  Some are free for employees and students.  Others are free for employees, while students have to pay but a discounted price.  To get these softwares for free, try the following CUNY links.  You may have to first log into your CUNY Portal.

Note:  As an employee of Kingsborough, my CUNY Portal is different from my CUNY First login, and it is different from my other Kingsborough logins.  It may or may not be the same for students.

For free academic lessons, fitness and health lessons, and life lessons, feel free to go to

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Free Grammar Workshops

Do you have problems with grammar on your essays and papers?  Do you think your grammatical problems are lowering your scores on certain writing exams?  Are your problems with grammar showing in your job applications, cover letters, and job interviews?  If so, you should sign up for FREE grammar workshops taught by Shu this current semester at L219.  Why not use this current summer session to improve your grammar.  Sign up as soon as possible at L219 before they fill up.

For now, I can only endorse Shu's grammar workshops, since he is the only one in L219 who incorporates the SpirFit educational approach.  I cannot here endorse other workshop instructors unless they are trained in the SpirFit educational approach. 

This approach effectively addresses each of your individual needs, whatever your English level.  Although students in the same workshop may be at very different levels, the SpirFit educational approach is able to effectively address each student's needs by incorporating innovative educational methods of recent years brought about by game changers from Silicon Valley, MIT, and Harvard.  In addition, the SpirFit educational approach includes pedagogy or teaching methods encouraged by the KCC English department, CAWS, CUNY Start, and other departments.  The SpirFit teaching approach also includes unconventional methods from other professions and methods backed up by science.

KCC students, recent KCC graduates, KCC Continuing Education students, and CUNY Start students are all eligible for these FREE grammar workshops.  Since you have already paid for these workshops with your tuition, why not make use of them!

Shu's Grammar Workshops
Sign-up Location:  L219 at Kingsborough Community College