Sunday, September 27, 2015

Free Workshops for CATW and ACT Reading

FREE CATW and ACT Reading Workshops are available at L219.  Grammar Workshops are also available.  It is not too late to sign up for SOME workshops.  (For example, Tuesday workshops will begin this week.  Sign up before it's too late.)

For now, I can only endorse Shu's workshops, since he is the only one in L219 who incorporates the SpirFit educational approach.  On this website, I cannot endorse other workshop instructors unless they are trained in the SpirFit educational approach.

This approach effectively addresses your individual needs, whatever your English level.  Although students in the same workshop may be at very different levels, the SpirFit educational approach is able to effectively address each student's needs by incorporating innovative educational methods of recent years brought about by game changers from Silicon Valley, MIT, and Harvard.  In addition, the SpirFit educational approach includes pedagogy or teaching methodology encouraged by the KCC English department, CAWS, CUNY Start, and others.  The SpirFit teaching approach also includes unconventional methods from other professions and methods backed up by science.

KCC students, recent KCC graduates, KCC Continuing Education students, and CUNY Start students are all eligible for these FREE workshops at L219.  Since you have already paid for these workshops with your tuition, why not make use of them!

Shu's Workshops (for the CATW, ACT Reading, and/or Grammar)
Sign-up Location:  L219 at Kingsborough Community College

For CATW and ACT Reading practices, feel free to go to: