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Passing CUNY ACT - NY Times Articles

CUNY ACT Writing prompts generally cover issues of education, community health, community business, and other community issues. The more you read about these issues, the more likely you are to write a good essay or letter about these issues, and the more likely you are to perform well on the CUNY ACT Writing Exam. (Being knowledgeable, or well-read, in these ACT issues is only one aspect of preparing for ACT writing. You of course also need to have proficiency in other areas such as clarity and persuasiveness of your supporting ideas.)

One very simple practice I recommend for my students who need to pass the ACT Writing Exam is reading one article a day about ACT issues.

You may be asking, "How do I know which article is about ACT related issues?"

To make life easier for you, I am including below a list of New York Times articles about ACT issues. By the time you are done reading all these articles, you should have a good idea of what type of articles cover ACT issues and should be able to identify ACT related articles on your own. Again, you should read AT LEAST one a day until you pass the ACT. That should be very do-able. It's like taking a multi-vitamin - one a day.

Public Transportation

Rent, Landlord, Tenant Issues

Health Programs and Health

Education and Related Issues

Work Programs

Other Issues

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