Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CUNY Does Get SOME Things Right

In the past, I've written about the problems in CUNY and how they generally do not have their priorities straight. I now want to clarify that there are some departments, directors, professors, adjuncts, and employees deserving commendation.

The first department I like to commend is the Writing Center where I work. Professor Hope Parisi is the Academic Director here and anyone who has worked for her or with her will agree with me in praising her leadership abilities in the Writing Center and teaching skills in the classroom. However, Hope is and has been only an Associate Professor for the last five years that I've been here (as far as I know.) I believe she should be promoted to a Full Professor. She is truly exceptional. As I've mentioned in a previous entry, the execs up there need to learn to get it right and promote the right people, and stop promoting the wrong people. Hope Parisi is more than competent and she should absolutely be promoted to a full professorship.

In addition to the Academic Director, there is also an Administrative Director in the Writing Center. He is Devon Nixon and is very efficient in running the administrative side of the Writing Center. Devon is highly intelligent and technologically savvy. Although he is relatively young with less experience than most directors, I believe he is doing well for someone of his age and I believe he will continue to improve in his leadership. I believe someone up there got it right in hiring Devon as the administrative director. However, I must disclose the fact that I am a friend of Devon, even before he became Administrative Director. Regardless, I believe my analysis of his performance is objective and accurate.

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