Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beware of CUNY Web Sites With Outdated ACT Writing Info

Looking at the web sites of English departments, writing centers, and other CUNY web sites, I noticed that they have not updated their information about the new CUNY ACT Writing Exam yet (as of today). All these CUNY English departments and writing centers still have the old ACT Writing information on their web sites.

For an updated and good practice exercise for the new ACT Writing Exam, go to -

I am writing this to caution you, so you won't be detrimentally reviewing out-of-date ACT Writing information now that the test has changed. If you are looking at information that describes the ACT Writing Exam with the following out-of-date information, discontinue reading information from that site.

Out-of-Date CUNY ACT Writing Exam (No Longer True)
- A 60-minute test requiring you to write a letter (starting with "Dear ...." usually addressing some elected official or community leader)
- The writing prompt has two proposals from which you have to choose one and support your position in your letter

Again, if you come across websites (including CUNY websites) that still describe the ACT Writing with such outdated information, leave that site. They haven't updated their information yet.

The new CUNY ACT Writing no longer requires you to choose from one of two proposals. Instead, it provides a short reading and you have to write in response to the reading. For more information, go to:

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