Wednesday, December 7, 2011

CUNY ACT Reading Practice Exams

More CUNY ACT Reading material at

For many of you (who are my students), you are taking the ACT Reading next week. Below are additional ACT R practices. Do them following all the steps below (if you want to pass):

CUNY ACT Reading Practices (Click these links and print them out)

Exam Practice A9

Exam Practice A9 Answers

Exam Practice A36

Exam Practice A36 Answers

Steps in Doing the CUNY ACT Reading Practice Exam Packets

- DO NOT LOOK AT THE ANSWER KEY. Give the answer key to a friend, a spouse, or someone helping you with this.
- Start doing the practice exam applying the protocol at
- Have that someone with the answer key check you answers. For the questions you got wrong, he/she should put an X next to your wrong answer choice, BUT THEY MUST NOT PROVIDE YOU WITH THE CORRECT ANSWER.
- DO NOT LOOK AT THE ANSWERS YET. They should give the test back to you and YOU SHOULD DO THE QUESTIONS YOU GOT WRONG ON YOUR OWN. Read the ENTIRE passage from beginning to end before answering again each question you got wrong.
- Now you can check the answer key on your own.
- If you still can't figure out why you got some questions wrong, feel free to ask me at -

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