Monday, November 5, 2012

A Potential Commute Nightmare For Students, Faculty, and Staff

Tomorrow's commute to school could potentially be a nightmare if the B and Q trains do not resume service to Brighton.  In addition to the usual bus commuters, the commuters who normally drive and the train commuters will be trying to cram into the buses at the stations where the train services end (Bay Parkway and 86th Street as of now.)  As a lowly employee, I do not have direct contact with the MTA, but I figured that the President of KCC does.  Below is the message I've sent her.  I've done my part.  Let's see if they listen.

Dear President Peruggi,

How are you?  I hope all is well.  I am one of your employees.

I am not sure if you've got this covered already.  Because the Q and B trains are not currently running, we are looking at a potential commute nightmare for students, faculty, and staff tomorrow.  All the train commuters will be taking the B1 and B49 buses, which is already overcrowded under normal circumstances.  With the added train commuters, it would not only create a nightmare, but also unsafe riding conditions.

I highly recommend that you contact the MTA, as the President of the College, to urge them to increase the number of buses to Kingsborough if they are unable to resume the B and Q trains to Brighton Beach.  Thank you for listening.

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