Monday, February 1, 2016

Writing Exercise: Syrian Father Loses Entire Family

Escaping from the violence in Syria, Abdullah (a father) mourns the loss of his entire family at sea (including his two little boys).

Freewriting Exercise
Directions: After watching the brief video, write two or more paragraphs addressing one or more of the following:

Millions fled Syria’s civil war.  Do you think this father’s story is an isolated case or do you think this is one of many?  Explain, or provide support, for what you think and why you think so.  

Abdullah now no longer wants to go to his original destination, Europe.  “Now, all I want to do is sit by the grave of my wife and children,” said Abdullah.  Do you sense what this father is feeling?  Describe or explain how this father is feeling.  Describe or explain how you would feel if you were in Abdullah’s shoes.

What do you think all the nations of the world should do regarding the Syrian refugees?  What policies should they adopt?  Explain.

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