Monday, March 28, 2016

Writing Exercise: The Judge Who Went Viral for Unusual Punishments

This judge went viral for his unusual punishments.

In this video, the judge provided creative punishment instead of jail time for: the girl who didn't pay her cab fare, the man who solicited a prostitute, the teenager who stole from a pornography video shop,...

Freewriting Exercise
Write two or more paragraphs in response to the following:
What do you think about the judge providing these unusual punishments instead of jail time?  Do you think they are good ideas?  Please explain.  For the cases in the video, can you think of better punishments than the ones the judge provided?  Describe and explain your ideas for punishments in these cases.  Can you think of circumstances (or types of cases) where these alternative punishments would not work and jail time should be required?  Describe such circumstances where jail time should be required and explain why.

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