Saturday, November 26, 2016

A Spirit Vastly Superior to Man

“Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a Spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe – a Spirit vastly superior to that of man.”  - Albert Einstein

“I can tell you as a result of my research on the atom this much.  All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together.  We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind.  This mind is the matrix of all matter.”  - Max Planck

Writing Prompt
What did you learn from these two quotes (from two of the most famous physicists in history)?  What are your thoughts in response to these quotes?  Please write as much as you like.  You may write a speech or a journal entry (freewriting).

To stimulate your thoughts on the issue, you may address some of the following questions.  What do you think Einstein and Planck meant?  Why do you think they came to this conclusion?  Who is this vastly superior Spirit, as Einstein mentioned, or this conscious and intelligent mind mentioned by Planck?  Who is this Spirit to you?  Have you observed evidence of this vastly superior Spirit?  Have you experienced this vastly superior Spirit in your life?  Please describe and explain.

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