Saturday, June 18, 2011

Eng 91 and 92 Information

It is the beginning of the summer semester and I am excited to experiment with new tools, such as vlogs (or video blogs).  Here’s a video of basic but very important information for those of you in English 91 and 92, to get glimpse of what’s ahead.

I actually shot this video last semester but did not have a chance to finish editing it until now.  Video editing is really time consuming.  Anyway, it's still good for you to look ahead.  As any good golfer or good driver knows, it’s important to look far ahead.  

This video was inspired by past experiences where I was baffled by some questions from a few students about some basic things they should already know in the last weeks of the semester.  However, I must also emphasize that these unsophisticated students are few.  Fortunately, I am seeing more and more savvy students.

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