Saturday, October 10, 2015

Academic Calendar: Keep an Eye on It

Looking at the academic calendar is one of the most important things to do at the beginning of every semester and throughout every semester. This applies to all students, tutors, faculty, and staff members.  Why this is so important is explained at the bottom of this blog.  Academic calendars can be found at:

Kingsborough Community College Academic Calendar

In Alphabetical Order

Baruch College Academic Calendar

BMCC Academic Calendar

City College of New York Academic Calendar

Guttman Community College Academic Calendar

Hunter College Academic Calendar

John Jay College Academic Calendar

Kingsborough Community College Academic Calendar

Laguardia Community College Academic Calendar

Queens College  (Click the correct semester under "Important Dates" section.)

Why the Academic Calendar is So important
I know of a tutor who, when he was still new to the college, did not bother looking at the academic calendar. On one Tuesday that was a Monday schedule (as indicated on the academic calendar), he did not show up for the labs and workshops he was supposed to be teaching that day, because he did not pay attention to the academic calendar and therefore did not know about the schedule change for that specific date.

Keep an eye on the academic calendar throughout the semester. Enter the holidays and the days of schedule-changes (conversion days) into your personal calendars, Google Calendars, or smartphones. Such a simple action will prevent problems.

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