Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Past, Present, and Future Progressive (Continuous) Tenses

Reminder:  The importance of grammar is in writing or expressing your thoughts clearly, correctly, and precisely.

Instructions:  Answer each question in a complete sentence.  (You will need to use your imagination for many of the questions.)

1.  What is John doing right now?  (Present Progressive)

2.  What was Mary doing in the pool this morning? (Past Progressive)

3.  What will you be buying your mother next year for her sixtieth birthday? (Future Progressive)

4.  What is Miriam doing in the bookstore right now?  (Present Progressive)

5.  What were Sergei and Larry doing in the lab at Stanford University? (Past Progressive)

6.  What will the kids be doing at the park later?  (Future Progressive)

7.  What are you doing at the library right now?   (Present Progressive)

8.  What will James be performing tonight on the talent show, America's Got Talent?  (Future Progressive)

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