Thursday, January 13, 2011

Reactive Writing for CUNY English

Here's a fun writing exercise which involves watching a video, for you to improve your writing skills. Plenty of the writing you are required to do in CUNY English classes involve your writing in response to a reading. There are many ways to go about this. One way to approach this is being reactive to a reading, and writing your reactions in your essay. Being able to react and write your reactions is helpful for your assignments in CUNY English classes.

To train your "reactive writing" skills in a fun way, this should be an easy writing exercise. Watch this video and follow the writing prompt/instructions below.

Writing Instructions
Write a brief essay in response to the video. Your essay may address any of the following questions. Is there a rodent problem in the New York City subway system? How do you feel about it? How do you feel about rodents running in the train tracks and in subway cars? What should the MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) do?

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