Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ESL Lesson: Common Expression 3

Choose the right word.

Please fill ___ this form

A. up
B. on
C. down
D. out

Please scroll down for the answer, after first answering on your own.

Choice D is the right answer.
Please fill out this form.

This is a question from a TOEFL exercise. When it comes to forms and applications, you generally use “fill out”. You fill out forms. You fill out an application. You fill out the census. (A census is a set of forms used for collecting information about you and the rest of the population.) If you want to learn to use "fill out" correctly, just memorize the following examples.

When I arrived at the job interview, they first requested me to fill out an application.

“The municipality could lose $112 for every person who doesn't fill out the census.” Jennifer Ditchburn, The Canadian Press.

When I went to this doctor for the first time, his assistant told me to fill outa form.

When I was applying for new insurance, they required me tofill outa medical history form.

Note: I recommend you print and/or save this lesson in a folder. Review it once tomorrow, once next week, once next month, and once six month from now. If you do so, the correct use of this expression will be solidified into your brain.

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