Wednesday, May 4, 2011

To Improve Your Writing, Rephrase and Correct Errors

Let’s do an exercise in rephrasing and error correction. The following is a draft by an ESL student. Please read it and correct any errors. You are encouraged to also rephrase sentences to clarify them for the reader, but try your best to keep the original writer’s meaning. For my students who’ve done this in lab, you could find the link to a corrected piece at the bottom, but please try to do it on your own first.

I was on bed for five day with sickness. Because I took a bath so late the night before. The first day about 6:30 a.m. when I open my eyes to get up of the bed, I call my wife and I told her that I feel an unhealth condition I feel sick. She put her hand on my head and said, you have fever, you better stay on bed I going to give you a tea with a aspirin. Where I staied the all day in the house.
The second day I was more bad because now isn't only fever the what I have. Also I have cold now. I told my wife what I get too. She told me, You better go to the doctor. I went to the doctor and he gave me some pill and something to drink. I don't like go see the doctors because the only think that they do and said to me take some pill and relax. I told my wife do me a tea with some herbs that we used in our country. She made a tea with a herb call Limonsillo this is a Spanish name is used for fever and cold.
The fourth day I was feeling more better. That day the fourth I don't have fever. I was feeling more strong. I still have my cold but no so bad that the day before. This day the fourth I drank my tea again with a Contac.
The fiveth day I could say I was fine. Not fever my cold more and much better. I could say that when you believe in somethink that work to you. Because I drank that tea knowing that is going to work.
The Corrected Version
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