Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ESL Lesson: Common Expression 4

Choose the right word.

Please fill ___ the blanks.

A. up
B. out
C. down
D. in

Please scroll down for the answer, after answering on your own.

Choice D is the right answer.
Please fill in the blanks.

This is a question from a TOEFL exercise. Unlike the examples in a previous blog of mine - ESL Common Expression Lesson 3, “fill in” would be the correct choice here. You fill out forms , but you fill in the blanks.

If you want to learn to use "fill in" correctly, just memorize the following examples.

On this exam, please fill in the blanks.

I will be absent from work tomorrow. Can you fill in for me?

When the drummer in our band was hospitalized, we scrambled to find a substitute drummer to fill in for him.

What kind of material do they use to fill in the holes in the wall?

Note: Although "fill in" is commonly used in everyday speech, it is not so good to use in writing. Also, please refer to the blog on "fill out" at to make sure you know the difference.

I recommend you print and/or save this lesson in a folder. Review it once tomorrow, once next week, once next month, and once six month from now. If you do so, the correct use of this expression will be engraved into your brain.

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