Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pointers for the Day and Days Before Standardized Test

The following are pointers I've presented to students for preparation for standardized tests (including the CAT Writing and/or ACT Reading Exams). If I haven't presented this to you in person with full explanation of each point, some of these suggestions may or may not make sense to you. You'll just have to humble yourselves and take my word for it, if you want to improve your performance.

Prepare as much as you can. For the writing test, practice writing clearly and persuasively. Do CATW practice within 90 minutes for each practice prompt. Just like a SWAT team or a military unit preparing for an operation by doing simulated drills, you should be doing CATW drills or simulation. Do each CATW practice within 90 minutes. (If you are practicing for CUNY ACT Reading, you have unlimited time.)

• Do NOT study or practice for the CATW/ACT the day before the test.
• Do NOT party or engage in similar activities
• Plan to sleep enough hours the night before the test. (For example if the test is on Thursday, don’t take a long nap in the afternoon on Wednesday if you know that will keep you from sleeping on Wednesday night. "Know thyself."
• Make it a calm relaxing day. Examples of good things to do the day before the test:

- Prayer
- Meditation
- Read inspirational or motivational materials
- Watch inspirational or motivational movies or TV programs

• Prepare everything you need to bring for the test as instructed by your professor (pens, pencils, watch,…) Prepare some hard candy (like Life Savers) to bring to the test for fueling the brain with sugar during the test.
• Know exactly the location of the test and arrange how you will get there. THE MORE PREPARED YOU ARE, THE LESS ANXIETY YOU WILL HAVE.

• Keep drinking lots of water until 45 minutes before the test. (Lack of water may cause a decline in brain function.)
• Bring all you need to bring (according to your professor).
• Get to the testing site AT LEAST 30 minutes early.
• Relax. You’ll be fine. Whatever happens, it won’t be the end of the world.
• Before the test, go to the bathroom and empty your bladder and/or bowels. (Do so ahead of time. Don't be late to the test!)
• During the test, always keep a piece of hard candy in your mouth to keep fueling the brain. Do not chew the candy, but let it release sugar slowly and gradually (Do this only during a test. It helps in the short term, within those 90 minutes, but it's not a healthy practice for the long term.)

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