Monday, July 25, 2011

Introduction to the CATW: The Friendship Bond - Basic Tutorial and Sample Essays(Part 2)

This is part 2 of this introductory CATW lesson. If you haven't written your essay in response to the "Friendship Bond" in part 1, please do so before you continue with this lesson.

Before going to the sample passing essay below, keep in mind that writing is very much like art and sports where there are many different ways or styles of approach. You must consider finding your own style of writing. It would actually be dangerous if you try to play "copycat" and write in a style that does not fit you.

Let me use an analogy to explain this. Let's say you are a chef competing in a cooking competition and your background is in Asian-style cuisine where as your competitor has more of a Euro-Italian style of cooking. If you unwisely decide to copy your competitor's Italian cooking style (without having been trained in such a style), you will lose. In the same way, you do not want to write like another writer of a completely different style just because their essay is passing. You must find your own style of writing. Experiment with different styles and methods in your English labs and classes.

If you've written an essay in response to this prompt on your own, a sample passing essay and basic CATW information can be found at:

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