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ESL Exercise: Common Expression 6

Where do you live? I live _________.
A. in the Park Avenue
B. on Park Avenue
C. at Park Avenue
D. on the Park Avenue

Scroll down for the correct answer

Choice B is the correct answer.
I live on Park Avenue (in a cardboard box.)

Generally, you use the preposition "on" when it comes to an avenue or street (in most cases.) When you are indicating that someone or something is located on a street or avenue, you use the preposition “on”. For fluent English speakers, we just immediately know this since we have seen it a million times. We don't pause for two minutes trying to rationalize why we choose the words “on Park Avenue”. The best way for you to learn this is to see or hear it a million times. Okay, maybe not that many times. Here are some examples of sentences using “on _________ Avenue”.

"I bought those bucks a couple of years ago at Jay Kos, when it was still on Park Avenue…” (Jon Caramanica, New York Times)

“I pulled up its map feature while leaning against a wall on Park Avenue South and 22nd Street and spent five minutes watching videos of the chef of a local Ping-Pong bar using a stool as a paddle, and of the in-house magician at a nearby magic shop doing a card trick.” (Joshua Brustein, New York Times)

“Joseph Evola, 42, who allegedly escaped a police chase after the shooting on Park Avenue around 9:25 p.m. Monday, was arrested without incident at a Northeast Philadelphia pizza shop on Thursday afternoon…” (Courier Post)

“The acclaimed company has built and shipped a replica of its home stage in Stratford-upon-Avon and is assembling it inside a 55,000-square-foot hall within an armory on Park Avenue.” (Mark Kennedy, Associated Press)

“Participants are geared up at Navitat’s small office on Park Avenue off Highway 2, then driven in army-green Unigogs on a dirt road leading up to the first treetop platform.” (Natasha Lindstrom, Daily Press)

“Two years ago, the cool scene was on the banks of the Gowanus Canal, where a group of artists set up a swimming pool in a converted dumpster. It got so much attention that the city invited them to set up at its 2010 Summer Streets event. Suddenly, hundreds of New Yorkers were dumpster diving on Park Avenue.” (Anne Kadet, The Wall Street Journal)

“She lives in a three-bedroom apartment on Park Avenue with her husband, their 17-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter.” (Candice Choi, Associated Press)

The following are similar phrases:
- on 34th Street
- on Park Row
- on Skid Row
- on Houston Street

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