Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reactive Writing in Response to Chihuahua Video

Here’s a fun writing exercise, which involves watching a video, to improve your writing skills. Much of the writing you are required to do in CUNY English classes involve your writing in response to a reading. There are many ways to respond to a reading. One way to approach this is being reactive to a reading, and writing your reactions in your essay. Being able to react and write your reactions is helpful for your assignments in CUNY English classes.

To train your “reactive writing” skills in a fun way, this should be an easy writing exercise. Watch this video and follow the writing prompt/instructions below.

Writing Instructions
Write a brief essay in response to the video. Your essay may address any or some of the following questions.

Is a Chihuahua good to have as a security measure against robbers? The robbers did not stay long enough to take all the money, but they did take away $200. Was the Chihuahua effective in helping the store owner in this incident? What protective measures did the owner have in place (seen in the video) for deterrence against robberies? (For example, the video camera.) What other measures could he have implemented beforehand in preventing such a robbery or minimizing the loss? Were the robbers experienced or amateurs? Did they expect a camera there and did they take measures to avoid being identified or captured? Can you speculate and analyze what was going on outside the store or what people were saying or doing outside?

You may also address any other issues you can think of from this video.

Hint: You may write from a point of view of a talk show host where they show a video and they comment on it. In the more serious news magazine shows, they would analyze what's happening in a video. This is just one suggestion. There are of course other approaches you may take.

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